Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Boat bottoms

New Zealand has a rich sailing heritage and one of the highest ownership of boats per capita in the world (estimated at 1 in 3).  No wonder you see boats of all sizes in every sheltered bay along the coast. 

It's not the boats at anchor in the bays that draw my attention, it's the tinnies resting on the beaches. 

 If there's no beach, they will be pulled up on to a bank.

I can't resist a working boat either.

 Opua to Russell car ferry

 Paihia to Russell passenger ferry

Ahh, and one like me - a retired boat.  I'm pleased to say I'm in better shape.


  1. You are very definitely in better shape! The working boat from last year really was quite amazing: like a little floating factory with it's own crane even. I'm not sure why but it really fascinated me.

  2. I love the last one I am the human version of it.

  3. My favourite is the first picture. Had I been there with a camera I'd probably have taken the same image.

  4. Are all those tinnies fishing boats? You have so much shoreline that 30% must have boats!


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