Tuesday, March 11, 2014

She runs and jumps

Georgia decided that this year she was going to be her age group athletics champion at school.  Running comes naturally, and she was going hard out.

Waiting for the field events she looked pensive.


Throwing is not her thing.  She's more into running and jumping.

Loud noise from in the direction of the old barn drew me outside this morning.  The neighbour was levelling a pad for the silage stack.  The silage will be harvested towards the end of the week.

It wasn't exactly early morning but the sun was just touching the weeds on the far side of the hill.   Most of the carrot weed is dieing off.  The colour is a reminder that summer is coming to an end, winter is on its way.

  It's very dry here, drier than anywhere I saw when I was away up north last week.  Luckily heavy rain is predicted to be on its way.  The hills look the worst, the flats still have a touch of green but there's not much grass on them.

There is more rain forecasted here for the end of the week and early next week than for Taranaki where I'm headed on Monday.  Couldn't have planned it better!


  1. I call the carrot weed a more elegant name, Queen Anne Lace. I like it too.

  2. we were driving down south and saw how dry the fields are. Yes, it was zero fire risks at Bethalls.

  3. Georgia running is a site to behold. The last two photos are beautiful, the distinct colors adding more interest than all greens would have.

  4. Not all the photos will load for me Pauline but at least I've got the ones of Georgia running. She's a determined young lady when she wants to be.


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