Friday, March 14, 2014

FSO - Water

I feel I have an unfair advantage with this topic, I do have very easy access to lots of water.  So I've limited myself to only photos taken in the past two weeks with this topic in mind.  

It's terribly dry here on the farm, the water in the creek, fed by a spring up in the mountain, is barely moving.

In some places, weed is growing out over the water from both banks. A good, heavy rain will wash it all away.  It's predicted to arrive tonight in the form of Cyclone Lusi, although cyclones are usually downgraded to deep depressions by the time they reach our coast.  Just heard on the news that we are warned to batten down the hatches as she will bring heavy rain and easterly gales.  I'm hoping it will blow over quickly as I plan to fly to Taranaki on Monday.  I certainly didn't like the last line of the warning, "Travel plans could also be disrupted and may need to be reviewed."  Ah well. 

Last week the little streams in the Waipoua Forest weren't running very fast either.

My favourite water is always the ocean.  Summer is drawing to a close but there were still lots of people out having fun in and on the sea last weekend.

I like the food of the sea, too, but have to admit I've never before seen or tasted a frost fish.  The fishermen saw me taking their photo from the wharf and offered take off their shirts for me.  Displaying the unusual fish was the next best thing.  I discovered it is rare to catch a frost fish and that they are excellent eating having a fine white delicate flesh.

About half an hour ago I splattered water over myself as I ran water over apples in the kitchen sink.  I decided to see if I could capture what happened.  The little stalk was the culprit. 

Then I decided to try a similar exercise outside with the garden hose and the back fence.

I'm really happy to be doing the Spotlights this week, I never tire of looking at water so know I will enjoy visiting the rest of the FSO team.  They will be here.   


  1. I enjoyed these.
    The apple is very good.
    If you have a tripod and a macro setting on your camera you would get some grand refractions of the tree behind the water drops.

  2. Had to laugh at that fish picture - it somehow looks astonished at getting caught...

    I love the apple photo too. And of course it's always great to see your creek as well :)

  3. What will we eat when all the fish are gone? How will we survive all the dangerous storms yet to come due to global warming? OK, enough depressing thoughts. I do love all the green you have around and am looking forward to some type of green here.

  4. Hope as I read and write this you all are safe and have the rain you need but no destruction. That is an amazing looking fish. Wish I lived near the ocean. Too old to make a move now. I don't envy your spotlighter job this week. I am so pleased at all the entries we are having here.

  5. Wonderfull shots, love much also foto apple, greeting from Belgium

  6. You've got some postcard shots here! Lovely! Those boys with the fish make me smile as does your explanation of how dry your terrain is. Love the water on the fence wire shot.

  7. Great pictures. You have so much to see there, it is like being there with you. I appreciate your wonderful photography.

  8. both places look like great places to visit for different reasons. love the apple shot!

  9. Wonderful photos Pauline! That fish was so interesting and I loved your apple and water shots. Hope your travel plans aren't disrupted.

  10. Water: what would we do without it? Love the apple photo in particular simply because it's different and inventive. The streams and creeks, well that goes without saying.

  11. These are wonderful, Pauline! You do have a lovely water spot close by.


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