Friday, March 7, 2014

FSO - start of the day

I'm not a morning person, never have been and am not likely to change now.  When I see great photos of early morning scenes I tell myself I should get out of bed earlier but it's not likely to happen. 

Nothing much happens in my world until I've had my breakfast and a cuppa.   Breakfast is usually cereal and fruit with yoghurt.  Here I used some passionfruit jam that turned out too runny to be used as jam.  It made a yummy drizzle.

 Most mornings when I look out the back window I will see one or two of three resident rabbits.   On rare occasions all three will be there.  There is a mother and baby and one that is half grown, possibly the same mother's offspring.   This is Peter, the half grown bunny.

 The below of early morning fog lifting from the mountains, is taken from my back yard.

 Out the front, early morning light falls gently on my Japanese maple.

On the side of the house that the sun has not yet reached, dew still clings to the leaves.

I took this shot about a year ago up north when I looked up from my breakfast and saw the fun taking place over the road on the harbour front.  This man and dog were starting the day with a lot of fun.

I'm away up north again at the moment but will be back at the weekend to see how the rest of the FSO team start their days.


  1. That 'tree' (?) on the man and dog photo is remarkable. It looks like it's growing from a pine cone.
    Congratulations on surviving your start of the day in such a great fashion.

  2. These are gorgeous scenes from your morning. I love that landscape bathed in the morning light with the thin veils of fog.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  3. That does not look like any Japanese maple that I have ever seen. It still has leaves so your season is nice and warm.

  4. Nothing happens in my world until after breakfast either. :) Love your photos!

  5. Wonderful images Pauline - (love the man and dog..)
    Well goodness, I AM a morning person - standard rising being around 5am. I'm supposing its because its so hot here (to my way of thinking even in winter) so I do the strenuous things early to avoid the heat and I dislike doing 'sweat'! :)
    Have a delightful weekend over there!

  6. For not a morning person you sure have some stirring pics. Lovely images, Pauline.

  7. Like you Pauline I wish I could get my a--- out of bed earlier. but gotta do what the body says do. Love that last shot.

  8. That pineapple-y tree is amazing. I'm not a morning person either, and would tend to linger over the passionfruit and bananas as long as possible.

  9. Excellent morning photos. Since retirement, I never get out of bed before 10. I know I miss a lot of good photos. When I worked for the newspapers, I used to pick up a lot of feature shots in the early a.m. while driving to assignments. The best light can be found in early a,m and late p.m. Your photos make me want to get up earlier. Ha! Loved the fog pic. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Beautiful photos ! The view from your backyard is stunning. :)

  11. Great collection of shots, i am a morning person, well i always was..." But now i stay in bed with my coffee and iPad and wait for the house to clear out.... Then lazy some more - one day i will get my groove back and rise early again.....hugs

  12. t suddenly occurred to me that your posts were not appearing on my Dashboard Reader. I've no idea why. So I tried to access the blog from my sidebar and the new format wouldn't load so I've had to do a bit of fiddling. Yours is the only blog that I follow that appears in the new format. Anyway now I can catch up from the time when I went off to Oz. I was looking at the last photo thinking that I'd already read this post when I realised, of course, that we both took photos of the chap and the dog wrestling with the stick. I hope we get more photos like that next week.


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