Wednesday, February 26, 2014

He waits

When Bernie was a little feller I must have spent a lot of time waiting for him to catch up.  He did have short legs but that wasn't the main problem.  He was always looking around, taking things in.  Taking him to places like the zoo was a nightmare because he would stop to look at something, completely forgetting to keep his family in sight.  He was like that still when we had a day at the zoo with his sister and nephew, when he was in  his 20s and it was much harder checking that he hadn't strayed from the group than it was looking after 3 year old Michael.

We did a complete role reversal when he showed me around his world in Brasil.  He spent a lot of time waiting for me and my old legs to catch up.  It was up to him not to lose me and to keep me safe.  

Bernie commented on my post about the Iguacu Falls that there are some places where all you can do is stop thinking, open up and try to let it all in.  That applies equally to my holiday and the many wonderful sights we saw.  I took in as much as I could, I hope I don't forget a minute of it. 


  1. "....stop thinking, open up and try to let it all in." I like that. I'm going to adopt it.

  2. You won't forget it because you have spent so much time thinking of how to share it.


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