Friday, February 14, 2014

FSO What I love about where I live

So what do I really love about my town?  My town or where I live?  I'm going to concentrate on town today.

Whangarei is the northernmost city in New Zealand. The city population is around 70,000, big enough to provide all the services but not too big.    

We who live in the north make a lot of our laidback lifestyle, the subtropical climate (more than 2,000 hours of sunshine a year) and very few frosts.  No snow here, thank you very much.  I'd have to find somewhere else to live if it snowed, I don't do cold very well.  

I live on a farm, about a 35 minutes drive to town.   I'm happier at home on the farm than I am in town.  My favourite place in town is the Town Basin, a marina very close to the heart of the city, where yachts from around the world moor and explore the stunning coastline of Northland.  

 It's a great place for a coffee at my favourite restaurant, Rivas and look out at the boats.

 Rivas from the other side of the marina

or a look around the speciality shops where modern landscaping blends perfectly with colonial architecture

I like to take a stroll along the riverside from the Artisan's Market, situated on one of the two old bridges that previously took traffic out to Whangarei Heads.

along the walkway past the childrens playground, perhaps call in at the art gallery, Reyburn House.

 Sculpture outside Reyburn House

Past the intimate Riverbank Theatre:

and a number of interesting sculptures.  I like these bird seats.

 until the walkway ends where the river joins a small stream, at the waka (canoe)

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  1. your town and countryside is just gorgeous! we have tons of snow here right now, I could share some with you!

  2. These are superb photographs. Have you got a new camera?

  3. I left Whangarei in 1995 and have never returned. Nice to see the waterfront development that was starting before I left - I was with WAODS when the geodesic theatre was built!
    Interesting to see the bridge being use for a market - trying to work out how you cross to the Onerahi Rd these days - better go and look at google earth!

    Many memories of life in Apirana Ave... and frequent trips to Whangarei Heads - i still love the area but overall not sorry I moved on...

    Always think of Rivas as the place the french traitors ate before the Rainbow Warrior, but they served gorgeous pizza.

  4. You live in an amazing space - so different than SW Florida!

  5. What a beautiful spot!! I can see why you would love it there.

  6. You had me at laidback lifestyle, but no snow sealed the deal.

  7. love the statue, it is a wood carving? yes / what type of wood?

    I love artisan shops. In the spring Houston has a couple festivals with every type of art on display. Enjoyed the post.

  8. Your images have awoken the travel spirit in me. So many great landscapes and cityscapes. I also like the fact that nature blends perfectly with modern architecture.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  9. It looks like a great town, even if you prefer the countryside :)

  10. I'm looking forward to renewing my acquaintance with Whangarei soon.


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