Thursday, January 16, 2014

FSO - Rustic

I'm claiming Belo Horizonte, my son's home town in Brazil, as mine this week.  This is a city with 5 million people, quite a change for someone who lives within sight of one other house, to look out at skyscraper apartments.  But you leave the city very sudenly, one minute surrounded by high rises, the next out in the countryside.   On Wednesday we ventured to Inhotim, 60 kms from the city and a world apart.  There are 5, 000 acres of lush, tropical botanical gardens containing over 20 art museums and exhibitions.

As you can imagine, I took dozens of photos but seem to be able to upload only one at a time to Blogger.  This is one of the sculptures in the park.

If any of the FSO team is passing by, could you please link my post to Friday My Town Shoot Out.  I can't figure out how to do that on this little gizmo.


  1. Well your posted to the FSO blog. The photo didn't fully load, but we'll take it. 5 million people! 1/2 the size of Rio unbeleivable. The last time Camillo and I were there - maybe 1994, it seemed the size of Friburgo - 1/4 million .... Course that is only an impression. And how did we miss knowing about this garden area. I thought we KNEW Brasil, and this is the second area I. Didn't know about. Look forward to hearing more.

  2. What a fantastic holiday you're having! I'm sure we'll get to see more pics when you get home, right? Please....? Lol.

  3. 5,000 acres of botanical gardens!? More than a day's walking about then!

  4. Would love to see such a huge area preserved for art & nature!

  5. Very rustic. One of my neighbors have that same art work in his yard.


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