Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Creek weather

It's definitely creek weather.  And thanks to a bit of rain lately, the creek is flowing nicely.  It is such a great place for children of all ages to have fun.

Mother has to make sure all parts of the little body are covered in sunscreen.

I was a kind granny before Christmas and bought Georgia a little fish net, it's turned out to be a real hit.  Georgia caught lots of tiny fish yesterday.

Anyone got any idea what this is?

Home from the creek, the little bloke is a bit worn out.

A few hours later, when he and I were home alone to see in the New Year, those tired eyes were slow to close.

They will close soon, won't they?  (please......)

And now he's gone.  Miss him already.  My New Year's wish is that I see lots of him during the year.

Happy New Year to all.


  1. It's a fish.
    How I could do with some sunshine.

  2. How fast they grow... (I mean the children. I have no idea about the fish!) I love the 2nd pic! :)

  3. Yes, these times are so familiar to me. I am guessing you have no nasty reptiles or stinging animals in your creek? that is good!

  4. Yes Adrian's right. It's a fishlet of some kind. I'd recognise one anywhere. Now it's G's turn to do the reading. Seems like no time at all that you were reading to her.

  5. It is great to see kids enjoying the simple things in life like a swim in the creek. We used to do that as kids in Sydney but that creek has now become a storm water drain in the suburbs.
    Hee hee I know about hoping eyes will shut soon.

  6. Pauline, it may be the Northland Black Mudfish, or one of the many species of Giant Kokopa (whitebait) which don't migrate and incidently are nationally threatened.


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