Monday, December 2, 2013

To catch a rabbit

I find the gentle clucking of a mother hen very soothing.  I've learnt to run outside brandishing a big stick when their clucking turns to alarm.  I'm learning to interpret their various clucks.  Becoming something of a cluck expert I am.  I wonder how many of those are around.  

One morning shortly after the hens had been let out of their coop (where I lock them for their own good at night) I noticed a 'different' cluck.  Little mother hen, Midnight, was definitely talking to her chicks in a slightly concerned fashion but she wasn't quite alarmed. 

I looked out the front door to see what was causing her concern, examined the sky, no hawk to be seen even in the distance, no wild cat (there has been a beautiful little black wild cat spotted from time to time and this has been blamed for a missing chick), no dogs, nothing.  Then I looked where she was looking

and after watching for a little saw something move, then jump on to an old tyre.

Midnight stayed on alert till it hopped away.  I don't think she knew quite what to make of it, but she definitely knew it was something different in her world. 

But this afternoon it was back, around the back of the house this time.  It stayed there long enough for Georgia to see it. 

So we had to launch the Catch the Bunny offensive.  

Now that's bound to work, isn't it?


  1. Thanks for the laugh. Of course it will work if you don't catch a hen first.

  2. Good luck with that!
    When we tried to catch a raccoon, we caught more than one cat......

  3. Hello Pauline and Georgia,

    Oh my, you made me smile. Clyde our cat would have that little rabbit caught in no time!

    Happy days.
    (not jealous of that Green grass!!)

  4. What are you going to do with it if you catch it...? We have lots of wild rabbits in the neighbourhood where I live - yes, in town. Many of them live in the old cemetery nearby. I've never seen them eat anything but grass though so I don't think they do much damage.

  5. Like Dawn I am curious. What is the future of this bunny?

  6. Well if Georgia catches one then there'll be plenty more to follow it.

  7. Hahaha! Gotta watch out for those killer rabbits!!! I look forward to your follow up post telling us all about the capture attempt!!


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