Friday, December 13, 2013

FSO - Lights

The prompt this week is: what lights up your town or home?    Made me realize I don't really do lights much.  I've been so busy enjoying my work farewells, there's been no energy for special trips to gather some shots for this week.  When I look through my archives I found a few shots of the effect of lights rather than of the lights.

 Light from the candles illuminating the birthday girl:

Stage lights doing their thing:

Catwalk lights adding some dramatic effect:

 Some sort of magic flourescent effect:

Wait, wait, I found some lights:

 I know the rest of the FSO participants will have some fab light shots.  You can check them out here.  Or, better still, join us.   


  1. I really like the first one Pauline. And the 'Little Dude' is really cool too. The bridge is rather special too. Actually that's a darn good light portrayal it has to be said.

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  3. I don't go out much at night and no one has Christmas lights up in my neighborhood yet. I know we are doing lights today but could not help commenting on that old car in the previous post. Love it. Enjoy your preretirement activities. My post is not up yet.

  4. I like the shot of 'Little Dude' very much, it just appeals. I dont get why these are not shots of what Lights up.... etc. dont have to show the light bulb - although that would be interesting... just the effects of the light - which you have done with abundance. hugs from Houston.
    nervous yet about your trip....

  5. Love the last two shots - just plumb full of color. That model sure did have a full up hair do.

  6. The 4th shot is fantastic! Thanks for sharing with us!

  7. Pauline, I think these are all fantastic shots. I really like the birthday girl illuminated by the candle light. The bridge is also very nice.

  8. I really love the 4th shot too. Very colorful!

  9. You got great lights. I don't do many night photos, my camera is not strong enough. You done your Christmas shopping yet?

  10. I know why I don't do lights much - my pix don't turn out! Unlike yours, which are AWESOME!

  11. I love that first one, and I'm fascinated by the last two!


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