Friday, December 27, 2013

FSO Holiday Traditions

I can only post one photo (due to my lack of technical savvy when it comes to my travelli ng companion) so I've had to think about this. A traditional Christmas for me has always been about family and children.  What the family eats isn't as important as the games we play.  The games change depending on where we are and the age of the children. 

But there is one tradition that hasn't changed since I was a child, the adults do the preparing and cooking and the children do the dishes.  I can clearly remember drying tbe dishes after Christmas dinner, laughing with my brothers and sisters and us all competing to be the champion tea towel flicker.  My children have had their turn, now it's my grandchildren who laugh and clown around in the kitchen.

Want to learn about holiday traditions in other towns around the world?  Just go here


  1. I don't have any family traditions like that at all but what has struck me when reading yours - or more accurately when looking at the photo - is how quickly everyone is growing up.

  2. The only tradition I have had is a walk Christmas afternoon.

    Happy new year to you all.

  3. Good choice. Sometimes the most fun takes place in the background.

  4. Love it, this shows all the joy.

  5. Love this Pauline. Yes it is all about family and love.

  6. Sadly, my partner Pilchard has yet to outgrow the tea-towel-flicking thing!! Love your shot - and that's a GREAT tradition! I think I'll claim it for next Xmas!!!


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