Tuesday, December 31, 2013

from beach to farm

There was lots of fun at the beach at Mangawhai:

Santa had lots of helpers:

Christmas Eve Georgia held auditions for the position of Christmas Day Santa.  Even little Aiden was keen to try out.

Michael got the job:

 Boxing Day is always an energetic day for the young in this family.  A shade cloth under a tree suits me better these days.

Little Aiden just loved every minute of it all, anything the bigger kids can do, he will be in there giving it a go.

 Now it's time for farm fun.


  1. What a lovely holiday...well deserved and thanks for sharing.

  2. Looks like you all had a blast. The kids are all so gorgeous. Have a happy new year.

  3. I'm happy you enjoyed Christmas. It can so easily become an anti-climax.
    Have a wonderful 2014 and enjoy your new leisure.

  4. Sorry I posted to the wrong blog for my spotlight. (Ginger's.) I see you have a beautiful summer Christmas. Even though we are supposed to be in the middle of winter, we here in San Diego have been treated to gorgeous summer weather for almost a month. It was so nice some people even celebrated Christmas on the beach!

  5. I can't believe that I've not walked along a beach since I arrived home in Napier. I definitely need some beach time. It's food for the soul. As for Aiden and the family they all look so happy together. They are very fortunate Pauline to have you with them.

  6. For as long as I have been reading your blog, I have many times wanted to be part of your family and live there. It is lovely there. Good to see more photos of the family fun. I leave Jan 6 for time with my son and daughter-in-law in Hawaii, so I will be walking beaches and having fun there.

  7. Pauline, I am thinking that your strong suit in photography is people. Yes your family is beautiful, but I know lots of families with beautiful children and they don't end up with fun, thought provoking or well balance photos. Can't wait to see how you deal with Brasil. Take lots of photos of the people. You will have to focus on the small detail because the liege photo is quite overwhelming. Hugs.


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