Sunday, November 24, 2013

Picnic at the creek

A lovely warm,. sunny Saturday and what better way to spend it than with the family at the creek?  Nearly 15 year old teenagers could probably think of lots.  It's not easy enjoying yourself while maintaining your teenage dignity.

Even if there's no-one of importance (eg friends or boys) around to see you, you have to practise looking good.

You even have to trust a parent with your phone for a few minutes.  A split second after I took this, the phone was in the drink.  Luckily, Heather re-acted quickly and fished it out before damage was done.  I wish I'd had the camera focused on Krystal's face!

While the ten year olds are noisily enjoying themselves:

the phone once again distracts the teenager.   (I will try to keep this image of her wearing my hat out of my mind next time I wear it!) 

She then distracts herself with my camera (and her dad's boots).

Pointing it up and down at random:

But eventually the sounds of fun from the young ones draws her back to the water and she deigns to join them.

And when the real fun starts, she totally forgets she is a cool teenager.

 Roll on summer!


  1. Lovely memory. You have great insight to your young relatives and they are lucky to have someone who is so observant!

  2. Hello Pauline,

    Oh that was a lovely way to spend the afternoon. I was in the garden sweating. Wish I could have joined you. The girls are all growing up.

    Happy days.

    p.s Lucky that phone was OK.

  3. Wonderful spot Pauline for some family fun! Losing one's phone would have to be the 'worst' thing imaginable for a teenager!
    Happy days!

  4. It looks to have been a great afternoon.
    I like daft hats and own several.

  5. What a fun day in pictures. I enjoyed this post, much like watching a video.

  6. Oooh so far from my (wintry) world ... Wonderful set of photos!

  7. A beauty in New Zealand, the water, swimming, and the children.

  8. Your photos always make these family gatherings look so inviting and wonderful.
    This is where I would want to be if I was young and it was summer.
    Great photos...

  9. Great post. You understand teenagers well.

  10. You really do have a wonderful talent for capturing people and their moods and antics. What a lovely post that was and all the better for me because I know the place and the people.


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