Tuesday, November 5, 2013

It’s been a while

I was away for nearly two weeks.  I feel quite refreshed but a little tired at the same time.  Refreshed from lots of relaxing and tired from a long trip home.  I extended a drive that should take 4.5 hours to 10.5 hours by taking the long way home.  No regrets, I’ve always wanted to visit Kawhia and finally did it.  

The trip did involve one little unintentional detour.  I took this the third time I passed this old wreck.

Kawhia Harbour

I found my way from the harbour out to the beach, parked under the trees and ate the lunch I’d purchased before leaving the main road hours before.  I kept looking at the sandhill I knew I’d have to climb to see the beach and nearly convinced myself one beach is much the same as the next and I didn’t really need to see it. 

 The other side of me won the argument but let me tell you I nearly gave up with only about 10 steps to go!  I had one of those, “I really am getting old!” moments before staggering on. 


And, really, I’m not totally convinced the effort was worth it. There was absolutely no way I was going down the other side just to say I’d been on that beach.  I’m glad I did it though, it would have been silly to drive all that way and give up when faced with a little breathlessness.

kawhia beach

Oh, yes, of course I saw a church.

kawhia church

I then thought I’d take the metal road through to Raglan and go to see the Bridal Veil Falls.  I was ready for a walk by that time, had a bit of difficulty getting into the upright position when I got out of the car.  They were most definitely worth the walk.  55 metres high, beautiful.
bridal veil falls
falls at bottom

It was an easy drive from there to Raglan, a quick trip out to the beach refreshed me for the rest of the trip to Auckland.

\raglan beach

I’m so glad I took the slow way home.  Sunday was one of those sparkling, bright days when it just doesn’t feel right to sit on the speed limit on a sealed highway.   A day made for a good meander.  And I had a first rate meander. (All my photos look blurry, don't know why.)


  1. I wonder how many 'Bridal Veil' falls there are in the world?? But I bet they're ALL beautiful!! Good on you for making the effort!

  2. It sounds like it was good for you to have this road trip and get revitalized. You live in such a beautiful area, no wonder you would want to get out and about.

  3. It looks as wonderful as ever. It is a beautiful country.
    The photos look a bit pixelated. I suspect it is flikr or whoever you use.

  4. That's a whole area of the Country I've not seen Pauline and you are reminding me that it's about time I did something about it. I was going to add that I thought the photos were pixelated but I see that Adrian'd already done that. The re-sizing somewhere may have been incorrect.


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