Friday, November 29, 2013

FSO - People at Work

Even at a distance these two farmers don't appear to be working very hard.  But inspecting the turnip crop to check the strike rate is important work. 

Farmers in a local parade, not exactly at work but showing how they and their dogs can control those sheep even in difficult situation. 

Little people dream about the work they will do when they are big people:


I imagine many little people dream about this guy's job:

Mussel boat crewmen:

I'm looking forward to visiting the FSO team to find the Spotlight photos this week.  They will be here.


  1. Hi Pauline, I love the photo of the sheep. Reminds me of BABE, the movie. Sure missed everyone.

  2. I like the mussel boat crewman.
    BTW I couldn't find the poem about the Stinson crash but it could be in the O'Reilly Library somewhere. Next time I go I'll look for it.

  3. These are all very interesting captures to this theme, and vocations I don't see often over here.

  4. Getting ready for Christmas is keeping me very busy. Sorry I'm late in stopping by to say hello. You found some great examples for this week's theme - good job!

  5. This is one of the most interesting blogs I have found in blogland. I always enjoy seeing the photos of what you post here. The subjects are things that I would never get to see in my life, so it is lots of fun to see your pictures and read about what they are.

  6. I really like your photos this week, clear and colorful, and full of information. Really what our group is about. A good topic.

  7. I miss the dog show on TV, don't you? I wonder why they stopped.

    I love the mussels, do you?

  8. I hope the rains came in time for the turnips. A New Zealander with a sports jacket and tie shepherding sheep?! At least the wain was barefoot. The last time I saw a shepherd on horseback was north of Gisborne. And the mussel fishermen: memories.


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