Friday, November 15, 2013

FSO - My Choice

For "Your Choice" I thought I'd just show you some of the photos I've taken this week.

It's spring and the main topic this week with Georgia and me has been birds, their nests, eggs and babies.   

 Baby thrush in back yard

We're not sure what bird this nest belonged to.  There were two chicks in it yesterday, they are gone today.  And we never got to see the mother.  The nest is in a huge hedge of wild roses.

 We are not very impressed with the starlings.  They collect dry grass with great enthusiasm and deposit it in the letter box but their nest making skills leave a lot to be desired.  

Georgia and I have made a nest, even we do better than those lazy starlings.

We don't appear to have many swallows this year.  That must leave more food for the few that are around.  This one looks like s/he's eating well.

And then there's the chooks.  (I think it's only Aussies and Kiwis who call hens chooks.)  Those little bantams I got as week old chicks in February are not fully functioning adults and we have a fair few new chicks.   Each afternoon Georgia and I do the rounds of feeding the chooks:

And checking on the baby chickens.  It's a bit hard to see them in the long grass.  But I'm glad they have the long grass to hide them from hawks.

Georgia can tell you all their names.  I think this chick is Angel.

 I'm an old grump when it comes to spring weather but I think the worst of it is over and it's now a perfect time of year.  The countryside looks good and I'm happy in my world of simple pleasures.

I look forward to seeing what the rest of the team has chosen this week of "Your Choice".  They will be here if you'd like to check them out.


  1. Great shots today. It's good that I get to see seasons twice a year.
    All the birds and animals are the right way up and straight. Brilliant.

  2. That swallow looks to me like he's just keeping warm. I had a robin next in my snowball tree this last year but he was too high up for me to get any pictures.

  3. Pauline my computer is shot. Can't post until I find what I want I only have myKindle now. Ginger sent me a message not to try to post wiith it.. I can read her message on email but cannot reply Your shots are beautiful. Maybe Masad can fill in. I feel lost.

  4. I just love that last photo, so awesome! this scene is something I really miss of New Zealand, beside the gorgeous nature.

  5. So obvious just now that we live at different ends of the world (i.e. different seasons going on) ... I really like the 6th photo, the one with the three chucks eating out of the same bowl.

  6. Hi Pauline. I could fill in for Peggy if you want me to. No problem. Just let me know!

    Mersad Donko Photography

  7. Love your chooks! Reminds me of home.

  8. I think chooks is a lovely name and your photos do them justice. Good choice!

  9. Some fine looking chooks there Pauline! I loved all of my chooks through the years.
    Isn't amazing how quickly chicks can be-gone?!
    Some fancy nest-work there too ;)

  10. I am way behind - and playing catch up. I hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend!

  11. awwww.... love all the shots of the youngins. perfect!


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