Friday, November 8, 2013

FSO - Black and white landscape

I'm too old to spend time doing what doesn't interest me and my aging body does not like sitting for too long at a time.  I admire people who can put in the time editing and processing their photos to produce works of art but that's not what pushes my buttons, I leave it to those who enjoy doing it. 

In short, I only half accept this week's challenge.  I'll give it a quick go but won't spend too long at it. 

On Monday I spent some time switching between normal and black and white settings on the camera.  Since then I've changed some of the photos to black and white in Picasa.  I like the outcome on this one.  I think the little mangrove stumps look more dramatic in black and white.


The rest I simply took in black and white mode.  Normally I wouldn't stop on this corner as the view isn't very interesting.  I think it looks better in black and white than it actually does in real life.

I like black and white photos when there are obvious contrasts.  I think b & w accentuates the difference between these two neighbouring houses at the beach - the big and modern and the small and unpretentious.  I think it also draws the attention to the difference between the spikey plants and the soft and rounded.

Approaching home I came across a turkey posing on a fence post.  It stayed there while I drew up alongside, while I picked up the camera and turned it on, while I wound down the car window.  And then flew off as I clicked.   It's not a shot I'd normally take in black and white but I like it.  And I like that the turkeys in the long grass in the foreground look kinda creepy and prehistoric!

 I'm sure the rest of the FSO participants will follow Mersad's tutorial more closely than I did.  I look forward to seeing them all and hope the Spotlighting isn't too difficult.


  1. I don't think that following my tutorial is obligatory, just a sidenote. These black and white shots are great. Love the road sign. It's interesting to see how a simple black and white filter gives immediately a different mood to an image.

  2. Don't look for my post yet, am still thinking. I found that taking color to B & W brought out some interesting shots but that my editor , when applying different filters, didn't seem to have greater effect. I am also not a fan of editing as part of my photo fun, but then I don't sew or knit either!
    Kept wishing I were back inBrasil because there I had mountains and valley shot I could use. I like the turkey shot .... Email it to me and let me see what my editor will do..... Hugs

  3. B and W is the more artistic approach to photography but I still like color.

  4. I enjoyed your black and white photos Pauline, especially the one of the turkey jumping off the fence. I was so focused on him that I didn't notice the two in the foreground. They are prehistoric looking. Great shots!

  5. I think you hit the nail when you say that b/w works best when there is obvious contrast. I have to confess I did not read the tutorial as I don't use the same editing software anyway - I just chose some recent pictures that intuition told me might be interesting in b/w, and then played around with them in Picasa my usual way (which means just trying things until I'm more or less satisfied - without taking notes of the procedure...) Anyway I really like your 2nd picture with the road sign, the hills and the clouds. It looks very good in b/w!

  6. The last shot is great. I love the fence as well as the turkey.

  7. Hello Pauline,
    Pleased you called by and nice to know your internet probs are solved!
    I think these images are wonderful, and I'm with you with what you said in your opening paragraph! If I sit too long its the old 'swollen ankle syndrome'. :)
    I'm still enjoying catching up on your recent posts.
    Take good care!

  8. I am like you Pauline can't sit too long these got me a new chair, but sitting is not good for old joints.
    Love the turkey shot and prefer color photos but have to admit the b/w was fun. Some good shots out there.

  9. Your first photo looks more swampy in black and white than in color. Do you have wild turkeys?

  10. I spent too much of my youth learning about and using B&W compulsorily to do much nowadays but it certainly has its place.


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