Saturday, October 19, 2013

Side Road

I couldn't even have a guess at how many times I've told myself I'm going to drive up a particular side road "one of these days."  There aren't many roads around here that I haven't explored, just to see where they lead.

Yesterday was the day I actually turned left up the side road.  I thought it just serviced a few lifestyle blocks but it went a fair way, up the hills.  There were stockyard beside the road where the "Council Maintenance ends here" sign stands.

A different view of the hills of home:


  1. I was once silly enough (many years ago) to say that I thought I'd explored most roads on Lewis. At the time I really thought I had. More than 30 years after making the claim I'm still coming across roads I've never been on.

  2. At first I thought this was your "clouds" post... So the sky was what caught my eyes; and I'm still thinking these photos look very "New Zealandish" with the clouds over the mountain range.

    Always interesting when one finds a road or spot in the neighbourhood that one hasn't explored before.

  3. What a beautiful vista. Love these shots!

    Mersad Donko Photography

  4. I found the wood that built that paddock interesting. Think of the number of years it has been in the sun and rain, doing its job. Yes new roads to travel, adventures and new photo ops. Life real pleasures.

  5. Sometimes in life we gain a new perspective when we try a different road. The views on this road are wonderful.

  6. Gorgeous views from the "side road", Pauline! There's nothing nicer than a diversion... and even nicer when you can take a few shots to remind you of how wonderful it was. :)


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