Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I'm going straight

I think I have posted one tipsy photo too many.  To be honest, the last thing I'm thinking about when taking a photo is whether I am holding the camera straight.  For an amateur like me there are enought other things to be thinking about.  But, it seems, it annoys Adrian

So I've resolved to check the camera is straight - or only take photos where no one will spot the difference.  I just haven't taken many this week to get in some practise.

I stopped on the way home today to move a branch from across the road.  That fence is falling over,  it's not me.

Not too sure if I got this one right but I did take great care:

So, if you spot crooked photos, please remind me to straighten up.


  1. Life will never be the same again.
    The last one is straight or much better.
    Pauline. Carry on as you were. The church in your last post showed your individuality.

  2. Does Picasa have a straighten facility? Anyway you have such a facility with people and portraits and choose such interesting photos in general I think all that matters is that you keep on shooting!

  3. I love the calm of the first shot. As If we're standing beneath those trees.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  4. Hi Pauline, I love all your photos.

    I am still in Germany but wedding celebrations are now winding down and I was able to get on line for a little while. We will be doing some sight-seeing tomorrow and in a few days we will be on our way home.

  5. Hi Pauline! Picasa has a straightening tool - I use it a LOT. So, I guess that means I'm crooked too ;-}

  6. I got a complaint on a recent post too (not from Adrian but from Sandra) about a leaning tower (not the one in Pisa). I'm like you, my focus is not always on keeping the horizon straight! I did manage to improve the photo in question with help of the straightening tool in Picasa though ;)

  7. Love your tree photo. It is a good idea to try and shoot straight but don't worry if you don't just check before publishing and if it is not straight use the straightening tool which is on most post processing programs.

  8. Straight is so boring, Pauline, ignore Adrian. You keep on with your own sweet style.


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