Friday, October 11, 2013

FSO - Handwriting

You all know how I love the little wooden churches of the north where I live, right?  I can't see a new one without wanting to go inside.  There is nearly always something to surprise.

Heading north along the west coast in the Hokianga, a few miles up a side road (9.27 kms to be precise, you can tell by the property number) is the tiny St Barnabas, Waimamuku.  And just inside the door, is the record book.  You can see it's a while since I was last there.

 Further north, at Awanui, right beside State Highway 1, was a bible that surely must be valuable, sitting on the pulpit in an unlocked church.

And, at the back of the same church was a handwritten letter from a tourist who had stopped there to pray:

 Back in the Hokianga there was an example of handwriting as art.  The words are on an old door.

By an east coast harbour:

Anyone into palmistry?  Here's my life written in my hand.

What about graphology?  Although you may prefer to analyse what I write rather than how I write it.  Can you guess that there is one person I work with who drives me to distraction and I often need to breath deeply and chant "I am a Rock" (and your water just flows around me) or "I do not give you the power" (to drive me nuts).

 But, wait, I have a favourite handwriting - little grandson:

 A close second - a grand-daughter.  My four grand-daughters prepared the cocktails for Christmas Dinner last year.  I can assure you the Merry Berry Blast was deliciouus but the Snoopys Soda needs a bit more work.

As often happens a topic I have been dreading turns out to be relatively easy and very enjoyable.  Why not have a look at what the rest of the FMTSO team has come up with.  The are here.


  1. What an exotic trip. I think I am more interested in history as I age and historic letters, and yes, historic churches

  2. Is it a lovely topic, I had my doubts but have been by everyone's offering and there are wonderful glimpses into each individual. I love the yellow church and the menus written by your granddaughters. Hugs.

    So what did Palm reading tell you?

  3. I love the letter from the "young christian pilgrim". A church should be a refuge and it's doors should never be locked.
    The letter from the Door is delightful and gives me some ideas for photos and thoughts.
    You hand looks a lot like mine. Are we related?
    I'm no expert(because your hand is not open wide enough) but I think that you have a long life line. It's good to know these things.
    Keep up the positive thoughts. Some of them might calm down the one who drives you crazy.
    Have a Rudolf Fizz for me. I love raspberry lemonade.

  4. What a find. I love places like the church, the note is really special too.

  5. Some wonderful shots Pauline. My time to worry about the spotlights.
    The letter from the door was very interesting. Love the grands writing and their participation in the holiday.

  6. I like the handwriting on the menu. So structured and neat.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  7. What a great collection. I remember that letter from a visitor in the church from an earlier blogpost. My favourite here has to be the writing on the old door, though! :)

  8. The handwriting is great but I really want the puppy!


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