Friday, October 18, 2013

FSO - Clouds

Around these parts typical summer maximum temperatures range from 22 to 26 degrees celsius (71 - 78 F) , but seldom exceed 30.  So we don't have enough heat to brew up really good storms, and its storm clouds that I really like.  (We do get lots of rain - average annual rainfall is between 1,500mm - 2,200 mm (60 - 78 inches). )

My favourite clouds are the fluffy littlies that you see scattered in a clear blue summer sky:

All my photos today, except for the last sunset which was captured of the hills of home from a distance, are taken here on the farm.  

In summer we always look up for signs of rain:

Nope, not after red at night:

This cloud is almost identical to one I photographed around this time last year, in the same part of the sky, too.  I often see similar shapes, they remind me of a winged Miss Piggy.

The hills of home.

 I have a feeling choosing the Spotlights this week may be a difficult task.  I'll be visiting all the FSO team members and looking at clouds around the world here.


  1. I love photographing clouds, and I had a hard time choosing just a few from my archive. I love all your photos.

  2. "A winged ms piggy". Lol. A flight of fancy - you know no one can ever see the same in clouds that you do, the last sunset is spectacular. But all of these really showcase you farm.

  3. Such beautiful landscapes. Heaven on earth!

  4. A truly beautiful selection of sky photos Pauline. Really something special!

  5. Landscapes without clouds can be so much less interesting. You do get wonderful skies and your Miss Piggy clouds are fascinating. There is a name for seeing objects in things but I can't remember it. But then I can't remember lots of things.

  6. You do live in an exceptionally lovely area of the world and you have the skill to capture it.

  7. I had to use photos from my archives too since there was nothing but clear skies this entire week. There are some really interesting ones here.

  8. Great clouds and quite a variety, too. Yes, I do think you have your work cut out for you this week ;)

  9. Oh, I do love photographing clouds! Especially along with my landscapes.
    Isn't nature wonderful!!!


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