Monday, October 14, 2013


She's being adored and fussed over.  She wears a sparkly red collar.  I'm not sure if that is exactly the right start for a farm working dog.

Does she know we are all waiting to see if she knows how to bark?  I swear she's the most chilled pup I've ever seen.  Placid doesn't seem placid enough.

The swallows have arrived back and are already busy building their nests in the little old shed out the back.  They seem much plumper than usual, looks like they have had a good migration.

I've kept my hands busy over the weekend.  We have a 40th party coming up and, my family being as it is, there's a fancy dress theme. 


  1. I can see you having to get another dog for work. This one seems to have worked out how to exploit the system.

  2. Gorgeous gorgeous pup!!
    We used to spoil our working dogs rotten, and I swear it only made them want to work even better to please.
    Ooooh, there is just nothing quite like a working dog. :)

  3. That poor wonders what had happened to him that made him so intimidated. He is sweet and I want to give him a gentle hug.

  4. I look forward to photos of the party.

  5. A working dog and a sparkly collar. Hmmm. It's probably resignation rather than chilled out.


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