Sunday, September 22, 2013

It rained last night.

At the last minute I swapped my walking shoes for my gum boots, remembering it had rained last night.  I sleep pretty soundly but the thunder had woken me and the lightning lit up my bedroom like it was the middle of a bright day.   I listened to the rain drumming on the roof for a while but nothing keeps me awake for long.

The track was a bit muddy but that's nothing new really.  But when I came over the top of the hill looking to the back of the farm I had to declare, "It DID rain last night!"  That water isn't the overflow from the creek it's just water that hasn't had time to drain away yet.  

And, oh darn, look at that water across the track.  I'm glad I put those gum boots on.  The new ones, here comes the waterproof test.  I'm pleased to say they passed the test.

 Our pretty little stream was anything but. 

That water is quite high actually.

It was a beaut day, about 22C.  Everywhere there are signs of spring.  I was quite warm by the time I got back home, spent the rest of the day in short sleeves - roll on summer!


  1. Hello Pauline,

    Look at that beautiful blue sky. Now does Georgia call that a big fluddle.

    Happy days.

  2. That must have been some rain. It's raining here today but of course ours is autumn rain, not spring... (sigh)

  3. I hope there won't be a flood. That first image looks very good though. Love the sky after rain.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  4. Pauline, it looks welly weather. It seem ages since I wore wellies.
    Beautiful light after the rain.

  5. We both had rain. You had spring rain and we had our first Fall rain.
    Doesn't it smell good.
    I'm so glad summer is over for us but I'm glad yours is coming soon.
    Beautiful photos, my dear.

  6. Gosh that's a big change from the last time I walked there and the creek....gosh.


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