Friday, August 9, 2013

FSO - Seasonal fun

I'm reminded how much what constitutes fun for me has changed.  Once upon a time it would certainly have involved a lot of action, these days I'm incapable of much action and I enjoy vastly different activities to those of my youth. 

Once fun was all pleasure, gaity and merrymaking or as the Collins Dictionary says "frivolous or hectic activity".   Now it's more of the other interpretation - a source of enjoyment, amusement or diversion.

I still enjoy watching others in action, particularly children. 


But, for myself, I'd rather rug up warmly and slowly explore a deserted beach, stopping to look at what the storms have washed up. 

At home, at this time of year, a source of enjoyment is the calving, observing nature at work.

And guess what!  When visitors come to the farm they like to do the same thing.

I expect there will be a lot of summer seasonal fun this week.  That's a little way off for us at the moment.  We still have a bit of winter to go although you wouldn't think it to look at those girls and their bare legs in the photo above.  They are hardy these farm children!

Pop over here to see what seasonal fun the rest of the Friday Mt Town Shoot Out team has been having.


  1. I love going to the beach, to enjoy the nature with my camera.

  2. I keep forgetting it's spring with you.

  3. I love the beach since it is not often that I get to one.

  4. I like the group focused on the new arrival. Everything looks so green, lots og spring rains. Maybe next week I 'll be able to hold the camera again.

  5. sorry been away, 2 bereavements in 2 weeks is just too much.

    Your cows are not milk cows?

  6. Well Pauline you have photos from the current season in your neck of the woods. The theme said seasonal fun. I love your beach shot. Like the new calf shot.

  7. Like you, I'd rather take a quiet stroll on the beach to see what's washed up. Will you take a beach trip this winter?

  8. Your winter looks a lot like our summer often does... This year we've had an unusually warm and sunny one, though. I put in my FSO-post today, a little late.

  9. Yes, watching the grandchildren is my main activity now... but if I have a deserted beach to walk on, I would love that.
    I did watch a calf born once and it was a beautiful thing.
    As we get older, we can appreciate the slower life more and accept the limitations of our age.
    It's all how it should be.


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