Friday, August 23, 2013

FSO - Emergency Vehicles

I'm happy to not see many emergency vehicles in my day to day activities.  Certainly we don't see many where we live and when we do the last thing I think about is my camera. 

111 is the number we ring in case of emergency.  Thankfully, the closest I've come to that number was to take of photo of it when it appeared on my TV. 

From where I work I often hear the rescue helicopter coming in over us as it heads for the landing pad on the hospital roof.  I always send up a silent prayer for whoever is on board.  The helicopters have been supported by local sponsors and community donations for 25 years and have carried over 8,500 patients.  That's a lot of people who have been whisked quickly to hospitals rather than endure an often long and arduous road trip.

As I'm never on the ball enough to get a shot of a rescue helicopter in the air, I decided to pay a visit to Northland Emergency Services Trust.  A mechanic servicing one of the choppers made me feel welcome. 


Let's hope I never have to get closer than this:

About half an hour after I left, just as I was about to head home I heard the whomp, whomp of the chopper as it passed overhead on its way to another emergency.  

 In the same grounds are the ambulance headquarters.  They were all safely locked away waiting their next call to service.

 From my archives, a helping hand inside an ambulance:

Everywhere I looked in town today there seemed to be one of the emergency services speeding by.   I guess they are always there, I just don't notice.  A fire engine flashing past, sirens blasting was far too quick for me so I drove to the depot.  There I found a big guy and a little guy waiting side by side.

I did go to the police station looking for a police car but they were all locked away out of sight, so I'll have to resort to dark night in a moving car shots.

Hop over here to see the emergency vehicles photographed by the rest of the FSO team.


  1. Pretty modern and fancy equipment. It would make me feel more secure, but of course, I would also hope never to find out.

  2. Great post Pauline. I don't see a lot of emergency vehicles out in my neck of the woods either. Thank goodness. We live near the hospital and hear the helicopter but I am never on the spot to get a shot. Love those shots of the copter.

  3. Some of our tall building do have a helipad on top but I have not heard of it being used for emergency services for the public. Unless they are transported from overseas. We rely on road since our country is so small and hospitals are always close by.Love all your photos.

  4. We have so much to thank the helicopters for. In fact we have so much to thank all the emergency services for.

  5. I wish I went with you to see the helicopter. I will be so shameless to ask if I can sit in it.

    Remember u had an art tree? I saw couple near my place. each time I remember, we had driven past them. Today, we were at the lights, and I photograph my rear mirror. Hope it turns out nice.

  6. love the helicopter shots, and the police car on the move

  7. You really put in some effort to get your emergency vehicle shots! Yes, as glad as one is they are "there", one does hope one won't need them!


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