Saturday, July 6, 2013

Oh my hat

I woke in a sweat thinking I'd forgotten to turn off the electric blanket when I got into bed like I usually do.  But no, it was off, it was just an unusually warm winter morning.  And it turned into a magical day with a light breeze and soft light. Perfect for a walk - with stops to greet the animals.

 the heifers

 the yearlings

The horses took a while to decide to approach me for a rub.

 And that was when my hat blew off.  At first he thought there might be some food in it.

 Then he thought it might be food:

He seems to be thinking about what to do with it next.  In the end he dropped it, the wind caught it and the last I saw of it it was scurrying across the long grass towards the creek.

 Ah well, it was still a lovely day.  Not having to worry about the hat flying away I could lift my head more easily to admire the silvery white toetoe against the silvery grey poplars and that lovely blue sky with just a little puff of a cloud.


  1. I know I shouldn't laugh but I couldn't help it.

  2. Charming post... Thanks for the smile :) Love it that your instinct was to take photos rather thsn save the hat!

  3. You mean to say you didn't try and cut it off at the creek - isn't that what they used to do in films? Mind you they were probably not trying to capture hats.

  4. Beautiful images Pauline. We're having some glorious winter days also.

  5. the picture of the horse holding your hat is priceless - his body language says 'now what'.... love the silver/white against the blue, lovely shot.

  6. Creative Fibre Exhibition , we were driving when I saw 3 trees draped with this. I said I must come back and check if you saw the same ones at Mt Albert. There U are, I must go back tomorrow to take photos.

  7. A great series of photos showing the demise of your hat. That is a lot of healthy looking cows.

  8. What great photos! I love the one of the horse trying to eat the hat.
    As you say, better to see the pretty sky without a hat!

  9. Hi Pauline, thanks for calling by and 'testing'!
    Gorgeous photos! how I miss the smell of cattle and horses. Nothing like it!

  10. Hello Pauline,

    A true photographer right to the end. Love the shot of the horse's eye,he looks so innocent.

    Have a great day Pauline.

  11. Ah well, there are many hats but not that many gorgeous days with such wonderful companions along the way.


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