Friday, July 12, 2013

FSO - Surrounded

"Tis the time of mud and calves.  Soon we will be surrounded by both.  Last Saturday as I went for a walk around the farm I noticed a small sea of mud around a cattle feeder.  It doesn't take too many feet in a small area to churn up the pasture.

About a hundred metres further along the track I was delighted to see the first calf of the season, surrounded by heifers who are about to calve for the first time.  Their hormone pump is primed, ready for them to give birth and be receptive to their new calves.  In the meantime, they are fascinated by any calf.

As I walk around the farm, I always love looking at the hills that surround us.

I took this shot from just up the road.

 That's all for today, I must make haste.  My daughter, son-in-law and precious grandson are due to arrive any minute.

I'll get around to look at what surrounds the rest of the Friday Shoot Out team after they go back home.


  1. The last shot is very appealing. I really like the play of light in it.

  2. That second photo is like a "shower" given in honor of the new calf. They are all being so attentive. How cute and wonderful cows are.
    Your countryside is so beautiful... mud and all.

  3. Pauline the photos are just stunning, what an exquisite part of the world you live in. Oh what memories your cows and calves brought back to me.

  4. Love the surrounding natural beauty around you, so beautiful. Here we are surrounded by 'concrete jungle'

  5. I don't envy you with all that mud. That last photo is magnificent.

  6. I wonder why I always feel a bit funny inside when I see your mountains. I think that the first time I saw the Uppity Downity Mountains I fell in love and just feel that way about the whole area now.

  7. Oh how cute a new calf. The others are certainly interested. The last shot is just breathtakingly beautiful countryside.

  8. Pauline, all your shots are wonderful, apropos to the topic and right for spotlight. but I have to pick only one.... you and Cheryl Ann trying out my skills on an early Sunday morning, have a great week. love the Grandson shots also.

  9. You are definitely surrounded by beauty and cuteness with the cows.


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