Friday, July 19, 2013

FSO - Local crops and produce

So what are the local crops and produce where I live?  It's just as well that we grow something other than grass here on the farm, as I haven't given the topic a thought all week.  It's that crazy busy time at work and my brain shuts down (from over-use) the minute I leave.  My doctor made a comment that amused me on Tuesday.  He said if I'd stopped work at the same time I'd given up smoking I'd be in better shape now.  I think he may have been trying to tell me it's time to quit. 

On the farm my son grows maize and turnips to feed to the cows.



Georgia, even now as a nearly 10 year old, still calls them turn ups.  She started calling them that when she was three or four years old.  She's as stubborn as a mule, no way can anyone convince her she is wrong and that they aren't turn ups. 

 Turnips in the foreground, maize behind.

That's my lot for this week.

I'm sure the rest of the team will have crops and produce that are a lot more inspiring.  They will be here.


  1. I think all children have something to equate to Georgia's turn ups. Gaz's was lally pids for lily pads. Mind you at nearly 40 he's grown out of it. Mine was poliomolinitis for poliomyelitis: I still think of it as that even though I use the correct word when it leaves my mouth.

  2. I love the thought of turn ups!

  3. Beautiful shots Pauline. When my granddaughter was little she called her shoes and socks, whos and hocks. She is 30 and I still ask her about her whos and hocks. Where is everyone this week? This is Sat. and only 4. Guess everyone is busy. As spotlighter guess I will wait til late Sunday or early Monday.

  4. I knew we'd be seeing maize on your photos but had forgotten there'd be turn ups as well.


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