Sunday, July 14, 2013

Boys and toys

A digger and a cement truck - a two year old boy couldn't ask for much more.  Add the tractor and trailer, the motor bike and the quad bike and you have just about everything you need to keep a little man enthralled all day.

Saturday morning Aiden was concerned I was "going the wrong way" when we set out for a walk to see the machinery again.  I was just taking a few steps to get the chick coop out of the shot of the fog.

Even I thought the digger looked pretty cool in the early morning light.

Of course, I think the little man looks great in any light:

 This morning got off to a slow start with a problem with the water pump.  That's what we thought it was but it turned out it was a power board fault in the area and it was just a matter of time before it was fixed.  It was a bit weird, having lights and being able to boil the kettle but not enough power to work the water pump or the machines at the cow shed.  Those who couldn't wait had showers at my son's house where the water if gravity fed and not reliant on a pump.  

It turned into a really lousy day, very windy, heavy rain.  A good day for Jami and Mitchell to practise their numbers for New Zealand's Got Talent on 25th.  The Brains Trust (Leone and Justine) were helping them refine their songs. 

Perfect weather also for the little man to get a hair cut from Aunty Leone.  He's an amazing little kid (I'm allowed to say that, I'm the grandmother). he stood on a chair and hardly moved a muscle.  I have enough trouble sitting still for that long.

Then time for a cuddle with Georgia before they took him away again.


The house is very quiet now.


  1. Your portrait shots have always been wonderful Pauline because you have such a way with people and always know just the right moments to capture. I envy you that.

    It was good to see the Uppity Downities in the fog too.

    Wendy says Napier has had six consecutive days of rain.

  2. Graham has said it all.
    Wonderful portraits as is always the case.

  3. Great portraits, Pauline. Oops, I see that's already been said. Well, there's reason for that :)

  4. He is very cute. This reminds me of when my boy was little.

  5. So what if it gets said lots of times - great portraits, Pauline!

  6. Funny how a child fills all the corners of a house. He's a very handsome boy. Nice haircut too.

  7. He is an adorable little man. wow you have family members entering a talent show. Good luck to them.

  8. HAha! I think there's enough machinery there to keep BIG men amused for quite a long time too!! Your mist shot is extraordinary - almost worth the bad weather??


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