Monday, June 3, 2013

The second subject

It's great to have a grandchild who has been trained to be patient and wait without complaint while one of his companions stops to take photos.  

When my camera isn't trained on Aiden's it's pointed at Mt Taranaki.  The mountain was out in her early season dusting of snow when I arrived on Friday.  In the evening, as the last of the sun was sitting gently on its slopes, I drove up to the end of the road on which my daughter lives.

 I'm glad I did because he has been hiding ever since.  I have difficulty calling him a he, he's far too beautiful to be a bloke mountain. 

Yesterday afternoon Bill and I took Aiden for a walk before it got too cold. I thought perhaps the cloud was lifting.  But no.

 Hold on.  Look carefully, for a few minutes he did poke his head out of the top of the clouds.

How lucky am I to have two such perfect subjects while visiting Taranaki?  And Now I better grab a bite for lunch and charge the camera before the little man wakes from his nap.


  1. Spectacular photos! Incredible scenery! No wonder a lot of movie makers head your way.

  2. What a beautiful capture of this mountain. Spectacular is right!
    It's so odd that we, here in California, are heading into a long hot summer and you are experiencing Winter. Makes me realize how far away from each other we really are. So glad for blogs and the Internet... and a better understanding of our different countries.

  3. A wonderful is a beautiful mountain.

  4. Very impressive and Middle Earth-ish. (Watched The Hobbit just recently.)

  5. There is definitely something very alluring about the mystique of Mt Taranaki. I've never seen it with so much snow. So beautiful.


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