Friday, June 14, 2013

FSO - The Odd Rule

Thanks for the link to the tutorial, Rebecca.  “Odd numbers are better than Even ones in photography.”

I'd never heard about that rule before but when you test it out with a camera, it's true.  

I trawled through the archives concentrating on threes.

Then I came across this shot from last winter. It doesn't quite fit the rule but the lines crossing in the middle of the shot draw the eye to that point and I see three at that point.  It works for me. 

I went looking for more examples.

And then looked for examples with five objects.  I don't think the shot looks too cluttered, maybe because the hens are all at different levels.  I had to be quick, Aiden thought we were outside to put them back in their run and was doing a bit of hen hunting. 

Actually I think I prefer the shot with five.

Thanks for this topic, Rebecca.  It's good to learn something new.  I'm sure, once I've looked at how the others of the team composed their Odd Shots (they will be here),  I'll have a deeper understanding and be able to cope with choosing the Spotlight photos for this week.


  1. Hello Pauline,

    We learn something new each day. The same principal applies to gardening, odd number plants are better than two plants stuck somewhere whereas if you plant 3 5 or even 7 it adds more interest. Love the chook photo's.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Love your photos of the chickens!

  3. That first shot is my favorite. It tells such a story and I'm a sucker for dads and children. I also love the train tracks and the mailboxes.

  4. The train track was very creative. Your shots are always good. Glad I am not the spotlighter this week.

  5. I know the rule well (probably since art classes many years ago) but I've obviously not been practising it much lately, I couldn't find any good examples when I eyed through my last two months of photos yesterday!!! Possibly "ones" but... - You did well!

  6. Your mailboxes and the hens got my attention and gave me smiles for my morning.

  7. The five hens is a gem of a picture.
    Yes we view the world in thirds but the golden ratio is hard to achieve.

  8. oh dear - they are all good, glad I don't have to choose this week. The last is optimum. I wont give a fav....

  9. Did the cute boy find 3 or 5 eggs?

    He is so cute I like to borrow him to find my eggs.

    Regarding the pay as you bath, I can't think off hand when I wrote , Two places I have been we had to pay, once in Waitomo caves, and one I think at I can't remember. Please refresh my memory.

    At one place it was so cold, we wanted a long shower. We kept adding coins, then we saw a Swiss girl got a friend to press the button.

  10. I haven't heard of that rule before. It makes sense. Love the letter boxes and the chooks.

  11. Whilst I've known about the rule of thirds for as long as I can recall I'm not conscious of ever knowing about the odd number rule (although it's obviously related). I shall be much more conscious of it now whether it be in the garden or in photos (or dressing a dinner plate presumably - make sure it's an odd number of peas).


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