Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Under a bridge

I bet if I made it my mission to find some real hidden treasure, I wouldn't come within a bull's roar of it.  But put me on the trail of mostly hidden graffiti and I will stumble across it at my first attempt.  When I told the girls with whom I work where I was off to after work, they warned me about the carpark in the vicinity.  It's always been a bad area for break ins and has been particularly bad lately I was told. 

I'm often not good at taking advise but when I got to the carpark and there wasn't another car in sight, I decided caution was the better part of valour and drove away.  OK, I know it should be discretion but caution fits the bill in this case.

But I wasn't going to give in that easily.  I discovered I could park on the roadside not far from the bridge I was heading for, it's a busy road so wouldn't be an easy target for ratbags with nothing better to do than break into cars.  And, as long as I stayed on the bridge and didn't go down to the stream, the car would be in my sight. 

It would have been so easy to miss.  There is no sign of it from the road, and unless you were looking straight down from the pedestrian path on the bridge you wouldn't see it.  I was looking for it and nearly didn't see it.  

I couldn't get a good view but I can go back in summer and climb down the river bank for a better view.

There is some graffiti on either side of the underside of the bridge.  I'd like to have a closer look at this one.

Mind you, my fascination with graffiti will probably be gone by then.  It's a bit weird that it has held my interest for a full week now.  Let's hope I move on to something a little more stimulating.  But at least this has got me back blogging regularly again. 


  1. Excellent, it looks the sort of place to go carrying a heavy tripod.

  2. Brave soul - I'd be worried about slipping down the embankment and then driving home on a muddy seat!

  3. Pauline, give us some more gritty shots of your adopted country.
    I thought it was like here but with a better view. And gentle people.
    I like sheep and generally the fewer folk the better.
    I was shocked that your college teaches graffiti. Do they teach lock picking? Do they teach TOWCing?
    Do you work in a prison classroom?

  4. Good for you to have the determination to get the photos. Which by the way are great.

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