Friday, May 3, 2013

FSO - Machinery

I have a problem.  It's a good one to have.  I have too many machinery photos.  I just went nuts on this topic. 

First of all I had so many choices here on the farm.   So I'm limiting myself to two from the farm, one firmly rooted on the ground, the other above ground.

One from the new bridge construction in town:

A couple just because I like them:

And a tribute to all old machines that in their day served us well.  These were sitting beside a railway siding, waiting to be carried off to their final resting place (or purpose). 

I'm choosing the Spotlight photos this week.  If you spot something you really like in your visits to the rest of the team, pop back and let me know.    They will all be here.           


  1. You chose wisely..these are very good.

  2. my favorites are the one and two up from the bottom. i love rust and old machines. that first shot is awesome to

  3. My favorite is the train. I love those up close into the guts of the machine.

  4. That truck sure has an interesting load. I am sure there are plenty of stories those machines could tell/

  5. For a favorites, I would choose the helicopter and the last photo. It is not easy getting a photo of a plane or helicopter.

  6. I like the train. The photo of the machinery going for scrap was sort of sad - but then feeling sad for machinery is rather sad too! :)

  7. above several mentioned the train... I had to go back and look again - I saw the photos but my mind didn't say train... isn't that funny - not funny haha but weird what your mind will do, I saw the colors...anyway way off track (ha) I like the fourth photo the best.

  8. That last one is so interesting. I'd love to know the story.
    The forth one is my favorite. It's about the color and the form. It's lovely in its own way.

  9. wonderful shots Pauline. I like the helicopter. they are very fun to ride in.

  10. Interesting perspectives in all of these photos. I like the light in the first one, but I'm most impressed by the second because it's hard to take good shots of moving things and not least flying highg up in the air.

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