Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Foggy morn

There could have been more fog this morning.  Don't know, I stayed snuggled up in bed arguing with myself about whether I'd get up and go to work or stay right there.   I now work in an open plan environment with three other women, perfect for spreading germs.  My boss is nearly due to have a baby and the last thing she needs is to be kept awake all night coughing.  So, for everyone else's sake I decided to stay at home.  Just me being noble, nothing to do with tiredness or laziness.  

Yesterday I had to stop several times on my way to work.  I do love foggy mornings. Didn't even make it out on to the road before I made the first stop.  The fog was lifting from the mountain but still drifting around the valley.

This is much closer to town.  I pulled over to the wrong side of the road to get the shot out the car window.   


  1. Fog does transform one's usual world... And then it's transformed again when the fog lifts. Beautiful photos. Having the fog inside one's head is not so much fun - hope it lifts soon!

  2. I love the mist: except when it stops the planes flying at airports without automatic landing systems and I'm desperate to catch a flight.


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