Monday, April 8, 2013

Monday morn

I thought this morning that we must have the switch from Daylight Saving timed just about right now.  First Monday morn after the change and it was most decidedly cool.

I got a bit excited thinking "the fog might be back" and hurried to get on my way to work.  Morning and hurrying don't come naturally to me so, despite my best efforts, I didn't really have time to stop to take photos. 

But when I turned down the road to work I had a few minutes up my sleeve and stopped for just one shot of the fog rising from the hills behind the hospital.

Georgia's little dog came for a couple of walks with me around the farm at the weekend.  The dry weather hasn't kept the possums away, he was bum up digging a few times. 

I don't know if my son has sprayed the blackberry down by the creek so didn't dare sample these.  They did look lovely against the dry weeds.

 It appears there are only two roosters amongst the clutch of chickens.  The dark coloured one is the biggest and bravest of all the chicks, he is always the furtherest away from Henny Penny, leads the way when they leave the coop.  But he's also a bossy little so-and-so and likes to terrorise his sisters.  He could be on borrowed time.

The little grey one is the opposite, always closest to mother's side, so I'm not too sure if he'd be much chop as a rooster.  They are a constant source of entertainment for me.   Yeah, yeah, I know, easily entertained I am.  I swear they grow every day. 

Something has been trying to dig in under the coop lately, which has been causing me some alarm.   There is wire netting on the bottom of their coop so they should be safe but I've spent a lot of time thinking of nasty traps to set for the nocturnal digger.  I just hope whatever it is, it is solely nocturnal and will leave them alone when they are having their free range time each day.  I've become strangely fond of them.  Never thought the day would come when I'd get all clucky over a few chooks, but there ya go, you never know what might happen next when it comes to this ageing business. 


  1. The first picture has turned out a beauty.

  2. The first photo is just so right for the weather of the last few days. Perhaps a stoat or weasel? The chicks have certainly grown in the last week or so. I know how you feel about being protective of them. The only creature I have ever shot was a black-backed seagull which was terrorising our hens many years ago.

  3. Gorgeous first photo - it is like something from here on the island.
    I always enjoyed our chicks, and when a mink got them last fall I hated it. We haven't replaced them - once I cleaned the two coops I was hesitant to start all over again (for the nth time!)

  4. You mean to say you are going to allow them to grow old in peace and won’t be chopping any heads off to prepare them for the pot?

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