Friday, April 12, 2013

FSO....W is for

Waiotira or Whangarei. The farm where I live is in Waiotira but other than a few other farms, that's all that's here.  Whangarei is where I work, our nearest large town.  Either way, I can't escape the letter W when it comes to the letter my town begins with.  

Water ... we haven't had enough of it this year.  Even the weeds haven't survived.

Except that which grows on the water There's far too much of that.


 With or without rain the farm children continue to grow like weeds:

Yesterday afternoon after work I walked beside the water in the Town Basin with it's colourful watercraft:

the nautical version of window boxes:

and wind generators:

I'll be visiting the rest of the FSO team here.  Wish me luck with the Spotlight photos!



    these days I am on the computer a lot taht I don't read a lot. did my books but frgot to post it,

    We had big water droplets yesterday. Did you get any rain?

  2. Those duck weeds, do u remove them? I used to collect them for my mum to feed our ducks.

  3. I love those colourful boats!

  4. Lots of good 'w's there!
    We are having lots of rain now, but I will not complain, because come July everything will be dry as a bone and we'll be praying that our well won't go dry.

  5. Wow a prize winning photo of the little girl and quite witty too. Good luck on your spotlighting.

  6. I love that shot with the child. Very creative. After Work you Walked beside Water and saw Watercraft. That sentence nailed it! :)

  7. Loved your photos; hope you win.

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  9. What colorful, fun photos ~ I especially like the shot of your granddaughter.

    I hope you get rain soon, just not a monsoon. ;-)

  10. I always enjoy visiting at the Paddock. all wonderful shots. we have had tons of rain and it is not stopping. all the rivers are flooded.

  11. hi, sent you a couple of emails with the pic. thanks!!

  12. I've no idea how I missed this post Pauline but the shot of Georgina is sensational. You have captured 'her' absolutely.


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