Friday, February 1, 2013

FSO - My Camera and me

It's my constant companion, I rarely leave home without it, it has many charms and some fantastic abilities but like a wild beast it has to be tamed before it comes biddable.  It's taking time for me to learn its ways, understand its sensitivities, appreciate its talents.  I'd love to be able to make it sing but we are still working on the scales.  I own it but I'm its slave.  No, not a cat, my camera.

We have lots of fun together.  We look into gardens:

 and sometimes we climb into the garden and look out:

 Sometimes we look up and it doesn't argue with me when I declare I've seen an angel winged Miss Piggy leaping in heaven. 

and sometimes we look down:

 and sometimes we get down and look along and it becomes my accomplice in my effort to convince the council there is deep rut forming across our road. 

As often as not I forget all the clever things it can do:

But the one thing I appreciate about it above all else is how accurately it tells a story.

What better companion could I ask for?

I'm looking forward to seeing how the rest of the FSOers introduce us to their cameras.  They will be here.


  1. You always use your camera so well,auline. My favourites are always the landscapes, or perhaps the children, or maybe the flowers, but then again...

  2. You've taken some lovely photos with your camera. The ones of the children are adorable!

  3. Great shots....difficult to better these.

  4. I always enjoy seeing what you and your companion get up to!

  5. The camera is a great companion. I use to say I need no dog, I walk my camera...

  6. My camera is also my instant companion. Sometime we get so into each other I hit a roadside post.Wonderful photos Pauline.

  7. I understand this completely... my camera as a constant companion.
    Great post, wonderful photos.

  8. What a wonderful companion. Just love the Miss Piggy angel cloud!

  9. My camera is great companion too!

  10. This was a delightful story told by your buddy. Great stuff, Pauline.

  11. your camera is so good, takes the macro pix and yr grands. so very nice. I thought i go to the beach and look at the tsunami. NOTHING.


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