Friday, February 8, 2013

FSO - Doors and Windows

This is such a neat topic with so many possibilities.  But I am tired, very tired.  I had the following few photos ready :

I think once upon a time this was a dairy factory.  I'm not too sure which of the openings were once doors.

Back door and windows of school bus that my granddaughters travel on daily (with clues about the road it frequents)

An old barn I pass daily - with fancy sliding door.

Revolving door at Auckland Museum that my granddaughters loved so much.

If you follow my blog you will know I have this thing about little old churches.  Of all of them that I've seen so far this is my favourite window.  Windows to me are about looking out, not looking in.  And this one has a wonderful view out over graves, a bit of rubbish under the tea tree and over the harbour.  It is at Rangi Point in the Hokianga.

But this evening I am tired, very tired (I already said that, didn't I?) and I need to be comforted by the familiar view out of my windows of home.  

 I need to sit and look at the last rays of the sun as they sit softly on the landscape as the cows wander quietly in to the feed bins.  

Sit and look out my window as the day draws to a close

no brilliant sunset, just a slow, gentle ending to a busy day.

I've been very late getting around to the FSO team the past few weeks but this weekend I am staying home, no visitors, and will visit the rest of the team here - after I've had a good night's sleep.  Did I tell you I'm tired?


  1. I hope you do sleep well and wake up much refreshed! Love the barns.

  2. I love your little church window, I love your bus, but I especially love the cows!

  3. Pauline I just love your style of posting. Every photo is amazing and leads us through your thoughts and feelings toward the end of the day. You are a marvelous story teller. Rest dear friend and wake renewed for another day. Love all your photos.

  4. Lovely pictures, all of them, so, sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep..............

  5. like the water tank in the first photo. so impt to have water in dry season.

  6. What a lovely view outside your window! A wonderful rural area, love the barns and rustic looks :)

  7. I hope sleep found you and that you woke refreshed. We have to listen when our bodies say 'stop' or 'I'm too tired for this'.

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  9. I hope that you had a good night's sleep and are no longer so tired. I always love your choices and unique approach to buildings. Windows are one of my favourite subjects too.

  10. I am drawn toward the pastoral view from your window, and I too like old churches.

  11. I would love to sit by your window and enjoy the beautiful natural beauty around your house!


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