Friday, February 22, 2013

FSO - Bicycles

Instead of taking photos of bicycles this week, I've spent a lot of time pondering on their scarcity these days.  You'd think at my place of work, a tertiary institution with loads of "poor" students, there would be heaps of bikes.  Nope!  But try to find a car park in the middle of the day when most classes are being held - that's another story.

But my garden is a resting place for old bikes.  If I thought any of my brothers might read this, I'd change that statement. 

I turn them upside down and let creeping plants grow over them.  As you can see, this year's passionfruit crop are ripening nicely.  What better use of any old bike than to support new life. 

My old exercycle is rusting in the front garden, tucked in amongst the trees, waiting for inspiration to strike me as to it's future life.

Little people can still come and sit on it but the days of those pedals turning are long gone.

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  1. I really like your idea of pun intended. I am involved in a children's garden project and you have given me a new idea.

  2. A good way to recycle the old bicycle.

  3. Ah. Paradise for old tired bicycles...

  4. Now look who is the creative one. Wonderful idea and great shots.

  5. I guess they are used more in urban areas. I see them a lot in the city.
    My FMTSO Post

  6. Bicycles are a huge part of Hawkes Bay but then we have lots of cycle tracks and not many metaled (gravel for those non-Kiwis reading) roads which are not bike-friendly.

  7. I see you have a passion for bikes - if not cycling, lol. Pun totally intended :)


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