Friday, January 25, 2013

FSO - Money

Don't know where my head has been this week, it obviously hasn't been on money.  Not on taking photos of it anyway or thinking about a creative spin for this topic. So I sit here and wonder how I can be creative and this is what I come up with - the money end of the farm animals....

Never mind, it amused me.

It only seems like yesterday that the Reserve Bank changed the dollar note to a coin but it was in fact 1991.  And since then, in 2006, they simply wiped out any coin with a value of less than 10 cents.   

When I tipped out the contents of my wallet this morning I could only come up with one note and a few coins and I pondered how the purpose of my wallet has changed.  Once it was primarily for money, now mine contains just about anything but money.  Cards, more cards than anything else.  I carry the ones I use reaonably regularly in my wallet and the rest in a little holder I keep in the car. 

Some things change, some things stay the same.  The Queen of England still appears on the back of every coin and note - or it is the front? 

We have a long weekend this weekend although I prefer to think of it as an extra day off for my birthday.  I'll be in Auckland and celebrating with little Aiden who will be two next week.  Will be back on Monday to choose the Spotlight photos for this week.  I'm already wondering what the rest of the FSO team will come up with.  They will be here if you'd like to have a look.


  1. I hardly carry money either - and even my coffee card is on my iphone, so I don't need a wallet.

  2. yes, with the cows, you won't have money.are you glad your grands will be getting free milk

  3. My reflections were similar to yours. I still do use money for some things but I use cards a lot more than I did only a couple of years ago.

  4. It looks like those coins have some pretty ornate designs on them. Pretty.

  5. I have cash and cards in my wallet and some coins too.

  6. Lovely post and photos. From the 1st photos I thought you own a ranch and those are your 'cash' cows LOL.

    Visiting from

  7. In my experience Pauline, you can't have cows AND money!

  8. Happy Birthday Pauline and Aiden. Can't believe he is turning two, it seems only last week his photo appeared on your blog. Enjoy the time with your family.

    Happy days.

    p.s. I would love some manure from those cows.

  9. That first photo amuses me too! LOL


  10. Very creative gal. The cows tale.LOL
    Enjoy your visit and happy birthday to the birthday boy.

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