Sunday, December 16, 2012

We saw the mallets

Every summer Georgia and I spend some time down at the special place along the creek where we first saw the little fish she declared were mallets.  That was in January,09.

We haven't seen them since that magical summer when we saw them a few times.  

On Friday, they were there again!  And Georgia's delight as a 9 year old was no different to how it had been as a 6 year old.  I often wonder how much longer her pleasure in the little routines we have developed will last.   I try to prepare myself for the time she thinks she is too old for such childish activities. Seeing the mallets reassures me we will have at least one more summer of simple pleasures. 

As I sat and watched her and we chatted I couldn't help but notice how she has grown but still does exactly the same things she did when she was years younger.  She still spends a lot of time bending down picking up rocks.  She still picks them up and brings them to show them to me.  The rocks are a bit bigger now than they used to be!

Some things have changed - she no longer strips down to her knickers as soon as she sees water.

She still picks up weeds and asks me to photograph them.  She still throws rocks as high as she can into the air so that they land with a big plop.  This is the first photo I've ever taken of her doing that.  In the past it was wise to keep an eye on the rock but she can be trusted now to throw it so that it doesn't land on my head (or hers).

 Some things change - some things stay the same.  And I am so thankful for that.

Next time I post I will be in Taranaki! 


  1. A perfect day. The portrait is one to print and hang.

  2. The simple pleasures that we take for granted are the ones we should treasure. You already know that. I agree with Adrian, that portrait of Georgia holding the weed is just beautiful and should be blown up and framed.

  3. You've taken some stunning photos of Georgia over the years but that one is just .... I have no words.

  4. Lovely thoughts. Thank you for reminding me what's precious, although I too have a lovely daughter who reminds me too. She has just made a big bound forward out of adolescence and into adulthood. I am so proud of the new choices she's making. Behind: Drinking and partying. Ahead: exercise, gardening and organisation in her personal life.

  5. Comparing the differences and similarities in the photos is fun. Hopefully, she will remain a child at heart forever and want to share these kinds of times with you.

  6. Does one ever get too old to pick up rocks and things from the beach? (Too stiff, maybe... but not too old...)


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