Monday, November 26, 2012

Simple fun

I'm meant to be looking after the farm children this week.  They have to do a fair bit of looking after me with my gammy foot but together we are managing.  At the weekend Krystal went to a birthday sleep over and on Sunday Archer came to play with Georgia.  After spending a bit of time parachuting off the little shed out the back of my house (I posted about that here when they first tried it) they came rushing in wanting to prepare a picnic.  They cooked a pizza and some popcorn and trotted off with the promise to stay within sight of the house.  

Then Campbell came along.  Campbell is the farm worker, the lad who is running the farm in my son's absence.   Somehow Georgia had extracted a promise from him that he would take them hunting for baby ducks.  I don't know how they ended up having rides around the paddock. 

Georgia's turn

Archer's turn

A few modifications while the dogs wait for the fun to start again.

Now it's a tandem ride.

I suspect Campbell may have had as much fun as the young ones.  When they had had enough, he took them off to search for the ducklings.  They were gone a long time and in the end I had to ring Campbell and ask him to bring them back home as it was time to pick up Krystal.  They hadn't found the ducks but he took them to the creek where they could make dams and he could lay in the warm grass and have a nap. 

I ended up with two extremely dirty and smelly children.  

On the way to Archer's home he said, "We had good fun today, didn't we, George?"
She replied, "Yeah, we did, Arch."

Did I say, they always give me a laugh?


  1. Ah what it is to be young. A delightful post Pauline.

  2. Not many kids get to spend a day like that anymore. The ones I see around here are all herded from one organised activity to another, nearly wrapped in cotton batting. Those two look like they had a ball!

  3. I couldn't have said it better than Pondside so I won't try. I think the children are lucky having parents and you who encourage that sort of life.

  4. It looks like a whole lot of fun to me!! How blessed you are and how blessed your grand children are too. Enjoy every moment... I'm sure you do!


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