Sunday, November 4, 2012

Half wet?

or only one half was wet. 

I never have been very good at looking at the sky and guessing what the weather might do.  Despite that, I was confident when I set out for a walk that it wasn’t going to rain for some time.   There had been a shimmer of a shower earlier and the last of the wispy cloud was lifting from the mountain.

cloud lifting
 I’d left my walking pole at my son’s house yesterday and had walked there to pick it up and then decided to take a different walk to usual.     I was enjoying the view of the recently ploughed paddock at the back of my house from a different perspective

ploughed paddock nov 12

but when I topped the hill I stopped in my tracks, and did an about turn.   That cloud looked threatening but I thought I would  make it home before it reached us.

storm cloud 3 nov 12
 Wrong again.  The skies opened.   My son’s house was closest so I scampered to there.  I don’t scamper very well these days but I assure you I did a good imitation.  It wasn’t until my shoe laces were untied, (Georgia unlaced them for me, I was too busy gasping for breath) and I was about to take them off that I realize I was only wet down one side.  Is that half wet?

wet pants nov 12


  1. How strange! You must have been half-a-length ahead of the rain!

  2. I just love the different shades of green in that first photo...and the old dead tree too. There is just something about that photo that pulled me in...beautiful.

  3. These is the place I so like to be in right now.

  4. I was thinking half wet would be damp. Beautiful photos.

  5. Gosh those clouds certainly were threatening. I'm surprised you managed to get away with being only half wet. Your looking down photo almost made me dizzy!


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