Friday, November 16, 2012

FSO–Self portraits, Introduce yourself

Hello, everyone.  I’m Pauline.  Pauline from the Paddock.  Once upon a time, over 60 years ago, I was the little girl on the left.  Even then Big Sister was one of my roles in life.
me and Esme
I’ve had many roles between then and now, none of them more satisfying than my current role of mother and grandmother.  I feel that grandmothering is my main mission in life.  I might not be trusted to keep my footing on loose rocks but once plonked on my butt, I can always be trusted to keep my little people from harm.  

holding aiden at creek

I often find it’s safest to sit and do a number of things these days.  Easier and safer than squatting or bending– and risking not being able to straighten up.  When I want to get up from sitting on the ground I can roll myself onto all fours and take it from there.    As long as there is no-one behind me with a camera, it can save me from a lot of embarrassment.

on grass
 The only time you are likely to see me in the lead is when I’m on the scent of a good photo opportunity.

at other bridge
 I might be old but I still like to have a laugh and am happy to play the clown occasionally.

at bridge
 I’m frequently the lady propping up the wall with a camera in a grandchild’s face.

taking pics
 Bev and I were young mothers together.  Now we are a pair of silver haired old ladies who still like to spend time together.   How good is that?

me and bev
 When I saw this topic, I thought it meant Who Am I?  I’m glad I looked at it more carefully.  I gave up asking Who Am I a long time ago.   I know, and if anyone else wants to find out, that’s up to them.  I’m old enough to have a take me or leave me approach to life.  I know some people ‘get me’ and some people don’t and I’m happy with that.

I’m looking forward to this topic telling me a bit more about the other members of the FSO team.


  1. Pauline, this is the best post ever. I love your self portrait. I wish I had thought about this topic more. I didn't post anything because I was afraid of being boring. I really like yours. You just make me smile all the time.

  2. You didn't have a twin that was separated at birth did you?... because I could have written this post. I identified with ever word of it.
    Carry that camera proudly and enjoy every moment with those grandkids. We were born for this life and we have every right to love it.

  3. I like it that you did an introduction together with the pictures, I always let my photos did the talking as I can be a very reserved person.

  4. Who took the portraits...not only can you take good people pictures you also make a grand picture.
    Glad to see you in a frock...Ever worn one since?

  5. Pauline I could have written what Farmlady wrote. We are like two peas in a pod. Same white hair and cut. I took it to mean photos we had taken of ourselves. You did a great job.

  6. So much fun to read and learn more about you. Love the photo with you and your grandchild by the rocks!

  7. Wonderful post Pauline, you could have been describing me from start to finish, except that I don't have the joy of a grandchild yet. Sweet grandbaby :)

  8. You have managed to see yourself as others see you (says I speaking as I see you anyway) and that's quite a rare thing: superb post.

  9. Such a grand post ! I agree you shouldn't have to answer to anybody but yourself.

  10. Love it, Pauline! Going around to all fours is just plain smart! I'm with you!

  11. You’ll do just fine, Pauline.

    Self-portrait? What do we know about ourselves; ask the grandchildren. they’ll tell you.

  12. I love this Pauline! It's always essential not to take yourself too seriously, so continue to enjoy life, take photos, play the clown when you want and enjoy your grandchildren (apparently they keep you young).
    I envy so many who have time with their grandchildren as I fear I may never see the 2 I have. My son's partner is determined that only her family will be in their children's life.


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