Friday, November 2, 2012

FSO - Repetition

Years ago I heard about a lady who appeared in court in relation to a traffic accident. 

She explained to the judge, "I looked left and right and there were no other cars.  It came out of nowhere."  But the judge was having none of it. 

"There's a difference between looking and seeing", he said.  "Next time I suggest you see when you are looking."

I've thought about that story a few times lately and have decided that judge might be quite proud of me.  I've been looking for repetition and seeing it everywhere. 

From the most simple forms in nature:
 To the more complicated we use in construction:

Mother Nature has it down to a fine art.  She creates something beautiful, then repeats it over and over:

Then we take her creations and plant them to repeat again:

I had so many photos I couldn't decide which ones to use.  Then I noticed that I had a bit of a walking theme going on, so just picked the ones I thought were the best of those.

 What a neat topic that was!  And I get to pick the Spotlight photos.  Yay!  I'm looking forward to that; I'm sure there are going to be some great shots to choose from.  Would you like to see them?  Or feel free to join in, everyone is welcome.  On Fridays we meet here.


  1. A clever post Pauline and really great photos!

  2. you are so early. you allowed me to cheat to see how to tackle this theme. Pinkish flowers are apple flowers?

  3. What wonderful variety, Pauline! I really like the 2nd shot - great perspective.

  4. I love that second shot best!

  5. These are all great photos for the theme Pauline. I've not been out and about much this week but of course Mother Nature is the master of repetition (as well as variation)...

  6. This was such a great prompt because almost everything in nature repeats. My favorite by far is the row of trees. You really outdid yourself this week with some really outstanding photos.

  7. Very good for sure Pauline. I liked that theme too. Be feeling too bad this week had to use archives. You are so right just be aware of something opens up many new experience. I don't envy you picking the spots.

  8. Isn't it funny that a random comment will stick in our brains? Love your interpretation and your photos really illustrate the theme.

  9. Those are awesome shots. Thanks for visiting my blog I do appreciate it.

    Kim, USA


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