Friday, November 30, 2012

FSO - faces

The trouble when you start to look for faces that are not really faces is you start to see them in weird places.

You see them inside:

You see them outside:

They rise from the watery depths:

and visit from far off places:

and this one freaked me out!  I saw the eyes,  just the eyes, felt those eyes peering out at me.  Thought the face was upside down but now I'm not so sure!  For some reason I look at it and think Sinbad the Sailor but I have no idea why.

See, this faces that aren't faces thing is getting at me.  Wonder if anyone else in the FSO team has been driven slightly crazy by this topic.  Pop over here and see.

Just realized it's my turn to do the Spotlight photos this week.  I could be completely batty by the time I get that done. 

Oh, if you'd like to be helpful, you could leave me a comment making recommendations for the Spotlights! 


  1. I almost went batty too. Folks saw me down on the ground shooting pictures of the parking lot and standing in front of trees but it was interesting.Some great faces not faces here.

  2. That sink or whatever it is that makes you think of sinbad the sailer, I can see why. For some reason I'm picturing a patch over one eye. Great shots, Pauline.

  3. Fabulous. The alien pot with his monacle popping out is wild! And
    I have to say that I'm still not completely convinced that the rock in the water is not really a seal. Which makes me think it would have been funny to have taken a real face and pretended it was somethinng else...I wonder how I might have done that.

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