Friday, October 5, 2012

FSO - Skylines

I was in Auckland last weekend and couldn't resist a few shots of city buildings and the skyline.  I know that is encroaching on Ann's territory and that she regards the Sky Tower as 'hers' but my approach to it is from the north. 

It is also reflected in this building but I wasn't too sure where I was at the time this shot was taken out the car window and didn't notice it there.

 My usual skylines are more rural.  Approaching home after travelling south.  (My header is approaching home from the north.)

The same skyline from near Whangarei airport:

The skyline when travelling from home, heading further to the west:

And a few of our usual skyline from the farm:

Hold on, wait a minute, if I walk a bit further into a paddock, I think I can get buildings on the skyline.  There ya go - a bit different from Auckland but I think buildings add something to skylines, don't you?

Although I still prefer cows:

I look forward to seeing the skylines from the home towns of the rest of the team.  They will be here.  Why not pop over there and have a look.  Or better still, join in the shoot out with photos from your home town.


  1. you had great weather when you came here. How long did you stay for?

  2. I have always found cows relaxing to be round.....Most of the time....had a moment with a dozen young beasts last week.
    The skyline is a beauty....I'll not mention the horizon....I now know that's how they are in the antipodes.
    Have a good weekend.

  3. I love your skyline, not of the skyscrapers of course but the gorgeous mountains , valleys and open spaces!

  4. I hope the 5th photo get pick as the highlight this week, that sight simply blew me away.

  5. Hi Pauline, your rural skyline views are breathtaking. I think they could be used for meditation focus - very zen.

    Beautiful cow - don't they have the most soulful eyes?!

  6. Beautiful skylines but the cow does it for me! She is delightful.

  7. Love the rural skylines!! I'm a country girl for sure.

  8. I prefer mountains and cows too!

  9. The beloved Uppity Downity Mountains. I will one day have a huge framed picture of them: such happy times in such happy mountains.


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