Monday, September 3, 2012

Surely not more rain.....

You'd think surely not.  And you'd be wrong.

When the alarm shrieked this morning, I heard the rain on the roof even before I had turned it off.  My first thought was how on earth had I slept through that drumming on the roof.  Not the first time that's been my first thought in the morning.  Some of the noises I've slept through have been quite remarkable.  No, not the noises themselves, the fact I've slept through them has been remarkable.  I was blessed to inherit a very sound sleeping gene.  

So I had no idea what time the rain started and how heavy it had been during the night.  There was a bit of water over the road but it was just surface flooding, not overflow from the creek which was still behaving itself inside its banks.  

So I was a bit surprised when I saw what the creek was up to by the time I returned home from work.  It was really running amok up the other end of the road, a bit better behaved down this end.  These young guys were right up to the edge of the road.  Don't worry, it's not as bad as it looks, the water wasn't all that deep in their paddock, not near the fence anyway.  The water had been higher during the day and was going down - they will be alright.

As will these guys.  But they did look so forlorn.  And where is that little jersey calf's mother, I wonder?

 I went for a long walk along the creek yesterday, looking at how things had changed in the most recent flood.  Bet it will be different again now.  Life is constantly changing along the creek.  

I don't think there would have been enough water this time to move this tree that was washed down the creek in the last flood.

But I imagine these have gone:

Maybe there will be some fresh rubbish caught up in the trees beside the creek.

Some things change, others remain the same.  As far as I've seen, this is the only part of the creek that has staghorns growing along its banks.  

Next time I'm down that way I will move more stealthily and try not to disturb the wood pigeon.  He flew off to the other side of the creek, would love to get a shot of him closer.


  1. I can hardly believe how much rain you're having! You are in a very soggy part of the world at the moment!

  2. beautiful photos ! We haven't had any rain for 2 months now and everything is so dry after having had MORE than enough earlier this year. cheers teri xo

  3. Holy cow are you getting a lot of rain! Keeps everything nice & green though.

  4. Sitting as I am with the rain being blown by a gale onto my window I can appreciate your post even more and, like you, I was, very unusually (I too have the heavy sleep gene), woken by the rain just after 4am. As I've said before I always find your flood photos fascinating because I've only ever seen the creek when it's been benign.


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