Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Still wet

The rain has followed me to Taranaki.  That's how it feels.  Can't be true because it rains more here than at home at any time. 

The little boy is happy to play inside.

I've been lucky to catch a few churches between downpours.  This one some distance out in the country. 

The next two in town.  Inglewood isn't all that big, I think the population is somewhere around the 3,000 mark.  So I was surprised to find two rather large (by rural New Zealand standards) and beautiful churches.  I found a guardian angel to show me around the recently refurbished Sacred Heart Catholic Church. 

And found something inside St Andrews Anglican Church I haven't seen anywhere else.

Think it might get a bit cold in here sometimes?

I will try to catch up on a few blogs this afternoon perhaps. 


  1. Wonderful little churches. I love the last with the ponchos or whatever on the pews.

  2. Beautiful churches. I especially like that twisted old tree next to the church in the first photo.

  3. I assume they are rugs/blankets and not kneelers. If so, what a brilliant idea and how welcoming the colours are.

  4. I really must make the time to explore churches other than with you in Northland. It's such a rich source of the country's history. Mind you we did one or two around Hawkes Bay which was quite rewarding. I'm sure that I've played croquet at Inglewood. I must seek out the church. Ho hum: feeling a bit homesick.


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