Tuesday, September 4, 2012

It's spring

The flowers might be confused.  No sping flowers have bloomed in my garden as yet.  But the birds get it right every time.  Around my place it's the sparrows.  They nest in the passionfruit vine outside my kitchen window and that vine is seeing plenty of spring action believe you me!  

Sometimes the whole vine is shivering and shimmering with their goings on.  The girl sparrows (I can tell the difference by the way they lift their tails) flutter and flit from vine to nearby tree.  Flutter and flit....not fly.  They flutter to the tree and as soon as they are pursued by another, they flit back to the vine. I can almost hear the giggling. 

I was watching them one day when Georgia asked what I was looking at.  "The sparrows"  I said, and she watched them for a minute, too, before remarking, "What is WRONG with those birds?"  

"Umm, umm"  best put it in terms a farm raised girl will understand "they are on heat."  

She shrugged, "That explains it!" and went back to what she was doing. 

Over at my friend, Chris' place the main action is in the mallard duck department.  She sent me a photo of two females and many, many males gathered on her front lawn. 

Yesterday I took a photo of a bridge beside the road and the creek in overflow.

I stopped at the same spot today.  What a difference a day makes.  Odd that it looked so much better in the lousy weather yesterday.


  1. The rivers in the limestone country here are fast to flood and equally quick to return to normal. It's quite exciting.

  2. LOL...only a fram girl would understand "heat". Good thinking Pauline!

  3. Hi Pauline, very cute and I'm not a farm girl and admire their know-how on these things ;) Always amazed at the difference one day makes.

  4. I really like your first two shots. interesting, balanced. nice. I had to go back to the FSO to see what next week's topic is... weather - e-gads. we have been having day after day of blue skies and dry - that won't be much fun.

  5. You sem to be having a lot more weather than usual this year!


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